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What type of work does Waitkus Design do?
Waitkus design is a design/ build company with registered Landscape Architects in Pennsylvania and New Jersey providing site master plans in residential design, commercial planning and site design, in addition to small scale golf course design and renovation projects. We are experienced in all aspects of landscape design/architecture — plantings, hardscapes including patios, walkways, steps, driveways, walls, water features, outdoor lighting, outdoor kitchens, ornamental and wood fences, golf course shaping, grading and drainage, and finish grading/seeding.

What size projects does Waitkus Design do?
All jobs are welcome. Projects vary widely depending on the needs of our clients. We work on large jobs that include entire site development which may include site grading, topsoil replacement and finish work, patios, walkways, steps, walls, plantings, water features, drainage correction, lighting, etc. Smaller jobs can be phased as part of long term projects that homeowners choose to implement over a period of time.

Do you charge for landscape plans?
There is a design fee for the development of most landscape plans prepared by a licensed landscape architect. The specific fee depends on the size and complexity of the design. We have established a policy that if the project is built by Waitkus Design within six months, part of or the entire design fee is credited back to the client in the first construction invoice. This policy provides clients with a professionally prepared plan that they own and will be left with the client following the design presentation.

Do I need a landscape plan?
Landscape plans are very important for many reasons. It serves as a master plan for your entire property whether you are completing everything at once or chose to complete the project in phases. The master plan creates continuity in the design that could get lost if done in pieces without an overall vision. The plan will also help you envision the concept before the construction process making sure your site is being used to it's fullest potential and that all of your interests are being met. Also, many townships and municipalities may require approval of improvements made to your property. Our plan will assist in this process and make sure your project adheres to your budget.

What is Waitkus Design's process?
You can refer to the "Our Process" tab on the website for more details, but the basic process is as follows: The first step is to meet with the client to discuss needs and goals, identify problem areas/concerns and discuss possible concepts. Then we conduct a site analysis, develop a landscape plan and present a construction proposal which is then presented to the client for review and discussion. The final step involves revising the plan as necessary and making a final presentation to the client. Once the final plan and a contract is approved we begin construction.

Why should we use a Design/Build contractor?
Waitkus Design has the expertise to handle all phases of your project from start to finish. We employ landscape architects/designers, stone masons and field crews with expertise in all aspects of landscape and hardscape design/build. We also work closely with builders, arborists, turf experts, pool builders and other specialists. By working with Waitkus Design you have only one contractor to deal with, and we will handle the coordination of each different phase of work. This personalized and cohesive service is the best solution for creating a top quality, custom site.

Are your plants guaranteed?
Plant Care and watering instructions are given to clients prior to completion of each job. New plantings carry a 1-year guarantee under proper care, with a one-time plant replacement policy. Transplants carry no guarantee. Sod is certified or approved other, uniform in color, quality and reasonably free of visible imperfections at time of installation. Sod maintenance becomes the responsibility of client upon installation.

When is the best time to plant?
The season available to us for plant installation can range from March through November. Some plants may even benefit from an early spring or fall planting. Fall can be a great time to install your landscape, offering you a head start the following spring. Summer plantings are fine with irrigation systems and/or responsible watering practices by the homeowner.

Does Waitkus Design work through the winter?
Absolutely, many types of projects such as patios, walkways, steps, walls, rough grading, excavation and drainage can be done in the winter months when the ground is not frozen or if the base has been completed before freezing temperatures. Winter is also an excellent time to work on designs so that your job gets first priority in the spring when demand gets high.